First impression of ‘Girl Meets World’

It’s finally here! Well, sort of.  The ‘Watch Disney’ app released the first episode to watch before it airs on TV and let me say this… I REALLY LIKED IT! Almost as much as the theme song! (Seriously, have you heard that theme song? It’s like Mumford & Son’s younger sister! So catchy, hear it above!)

 Anyway, The show is about Riley Matthews, who is growing up fast and finding her own world. I love how this is a Spin-off but kind of a remake in its own way. We get everyone we loved in “Boy Meets World” played by new characters.

Riley Matthews – The new Corey Matthews

Maya – The new Shawn Hunter

Lucas – The new Topanga

Auggie Matthews – The New Morgan

Farkle – The new Minkus

Topanga – The new Amy Matthews

…and of coarse there’s Corey Matthews who is the new Alan Matthews & the new Mr. Feeney!

Can you tell who’s missing? The new Eric Matthews! Originally, there was a new Eric character but the actor was let go for creative reasons. I for one think that was a mistake. The goofy older brother should’ve stayed! But oh well…

Overall, the first episode was great. It was funny from both the newbies and the originals. I love that there was still the melodramatic “life lessons” and yet still kept the humor. Especially Farkle, he’s great!

I really think this was such a smart idea from Disney.  I don’t think there has ever been a disney show with so much buzz before! Even us 27 year olds are going a little nuts! 🙂

Until I write you again,

Johnny Bobby Xox


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