Actually, Aria, there’s no need to stay quiet… PLL has been renewed! Haha. But wait! There’s more!

Just hours before that GREAT season 5 premiere, it was announced that the show had been renewed for not one but TWO more seasons! How great is that?

I can see how most people would roll their eyes or go cry in a corner because that means that is two more seasons until we actually find out who ‘A’ is. But honestly, 5 seasons later and I’m still excited when it comes to the premiere, sad when there’s a finale, and than excited again when it’s time for the annual Halloween special!

For me, it’s always great to see the girls (& guys!), and find out clues that get us closer to finding out who ‘A’ is! I’m actually excited for 2 more seasons! Besides, whose to say we won’t find out who ‘A’ is this season & get other stories in the next two seasons? Eh… Who am I kidding. 😉

Here’s what executive producer Marlene King told earlier this year:

“I know the show does not end in Season 5, even though we don’t have a Season 6 pickup. The end of Season 5 definitely launches us into a Season 6. I think, as soon as they tell us [the end date], we will write to that. We know the ending and we’re prepared to get there, but we need a 12-episode notice to get there.”

Season 6 & 7 will air in 2015 & 2016. Here’s hoping the ending is worth the wait! 😉

What do you guys think? Are you excited or furious over the news?

Johnny Bobby Xox


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